The Pharmacy structure has the task of planning, coordinating and guaranteeing patients in the healthcare environment an effective and safe pharmaceutical assistance for the patient, promoting the rational use of drugs and medical devices while respecting the resources available in the company.

What is the structure of My Canadian Pharmacy?

The activities of the structure include: Management and logistics of drugs and medical devices, information and advice on drugs and medical devices and related activities of healthcare and supervision of medical products, monitoring of consumption and related expenditure, support activities for clinicians, also in terms of the governance of appropriateness on the use of drugs, activities of direct dispensing of drugs and information to the patient.

The medium-term planning areas are, in addition to the maintenance and development of existing functions and in particular those concerning the management of medical devices: the health technology assessment and the governance of pharmaceutical spending, therapeutic innovation and access to medicines and innovative medical devices, the safe use of medicines and medical devices, the clinical pharmacy and the pharmacist of the department, the specific contribution to the development of the computerization of the prescriptive process.

Our responsibilities

Responsibility is part of our everyday lives. Responsibility concerns society, the staff, the environment and economic activity. It means that we want to act responsibly and do more than what laws and regulations determine. Responsibility is an attitude, a way of shopping. It is a matter of choice, as well as about small, concrete actions in everyday life. Other important values ​​for us in addition to responsibility are good cooperation, development of the business and the most important of all are of course prosperous customers.

My Canadian Pharmacy has been working for over 15 years. We participate in the everyday lives of our customers in many ways and we want to support and encourage a healthy life and a prosperous population.

We also want to encourage small good deeds. We accept the customer’s drug packages and we have agreements with the waste disposal facility that properly destroys the waste. Our own waste is reused and sorted: cardboard boxes, posters and other suitable materials, we give to local day care centers as hobby materials. We support charitable purposes financially. We safeguard the well-being of staff and its development of professional skills.

We are aware that the customer’s visit to the pharmacy runs smoothly and we want to serve customers from far and away, each and every person. Online pharmacy is open every day, also holidays.

Our online pharmacy supplies pharmacy products to the place the customer wishes. The customer can search products at home and order in peace and quiet. On our website there is also a chat that facilitates online shopping. The customer can ask questions regarding products or drug treatment by a pharmacist who responds as quickly as possible. Our pharmacy is a precursor in the development of the pharmacy’s reliable and secure online service.

The goal of MCP’s environmental policy is to continuously develop and improve environmental aspects, reduce environmental degradation and comply with laws and regulations. We commit ourselves to taking into account environmental aspects through our environmental policy.