What Professions are Harmful to Male Potency?

For many years, researchers from one of the universities in Manchester have dealt with the issue of the connection of men’s professional activity and the risk of erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, many people believe that if a man has a successful business, he has no sexual problems. However, the study revealed a fundamentally inverse relationship. Scientists came to a conclusion that there is a direct link between professional activity and sexual capabilities of a man. If a man pays too much attention to work, he may come across the problems in intimate sphere. Position, specificity of work and profession can negatively affect a man’s sexual activity. Within the framework of the study, the UK scientists conducted a visual comparison between sexual potential of men of different professions, conditions of their work and accompanying habits.

An interesting fact was revealed that the problems in intimate sphere concerned the representatives of the stronger sex occupying executive positions in the companies of medium and large business in the first place. Medial experts came to a conclusion that the reason for this trend was a strong psychological burden on organism as a whole and the sexual organs in particular. The fact is that frequent stress leads to an impairment of male potency. Moreover, running an active business involves frequent business trips that provoke irregular meals, and this can also cause erectile dysfunction.

The second on the list of dangerous occupations for men’s health are servicemen, police officers, and security guards. Physicians believe that representatives of law whose work is often associated with a threat to life often have sexual disorders. This is associated with stress and load at work: these men simply do not have neither time nor desire for lovemaking.

It may seem a little strange, but the representatives of creative professions are next on the list. Despite the large number of female admirers, writers, artists, actors, they do not have enough time for personal life. Moreover, creativity requires a lot of self-giving from men, so they do not have the strength to have intimate relationships. Frequent drinking, stormy nightlife, light types of drugs also have considerable effect on health state of organism as a whole and function of genitals, in particular.

Men who need to work hard physically need to pay attention to healthy, proper nutrition and give their body a regular repose. Such a regime will ensure a rapid recovery and help to avoid problems of a sexual nature. The list of professions dangerous for men’s sexual potential is continued by athletes. Incredibly, but people who are actively involved in physical activity often complain of problems with erection. The fact is that excessive training, special sports nutrition, prohibition of intimate relations before important competitions or games can lead body to a state of great stress, and a stressed state is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction.

TOP 5 Potency-Threatening Professions

Men’s self-confidence often depends on the level of his potency. The better he performs in bed, the calmer and more confident he behaves in everyday life. After many years of studying hundreds of men, they the UK experts compiled a final list of specialties that adversely affect male health in general and potency in particular. At the same time, working conditions, professional unhealthy habits, stress that trapped a man in various activities, and a number of divorces depending on the specialty were taken into account. As a result, conclusions were reached that neither male nor female representatives can comfort: almost all main and popular male professions are subject the male organism to serious trials in one way or another. Against this background, several professions are especially prominent upon which we are going to dwell.

1. White Collars – Office Workers

Sitting for 8-10 hours in one position, eating everything within the reach of a hand without getting distracted from a monitor, experiencing constant stress – otherwise the chief is unhappy that employees are losing precious time. This is the rhythm of work of the majority offices around the world. Add this to a full picture of vigilant competitors, unstable stock markets and braking business bureaucracy. In a word, this is a life full of unhealthy physiology and non-stop hassle. We have to admit that, despite clean work, office life turns into a constant struggle full of adrenaline, uncertainty in the future and chasing up the career ladder. Where can a man take time, energy, desire and self-confidence for a full-fledged sexual life? It is not surprising that many white-collar workers suffer from morbid fear of sexual relations. They are afraid to come into too close relationship and are not inclined to trust people and especially women. Those who have a high income, in addition to money, earn inferiority complexes, convinced that women love not them, but their money.

2. Men in Uniform

The image of a courageous and fearless, bold and brave defender and hero – that is how young girls imagine men in uniform. However, after women get married with these men, as a rule, they get disappointed. Because of the intense regime of military service associated with this work in constant danger, men do not have time for making love. Endless stress does not add to romance either. Those who have passed the war even after demobilization cannot get rid of the post-combatant syndrome which also does not promote to a family life. However, even in peacetime, the intimate life of the military has little to do with romance: constant presence of male co-workers around, eternal wanderings from one military unit to another, severe military discipline, monotonous food can completely deprive a man of the ability to take pleasure of sex. It is not easier in love and representatives of law enforcement agencies. Unlike the militaries, they have the opportunity to come home after a labor heroic shift, but mostly continue to live their working moments at home. It is difficult for them to switch their brains from day-to-day interrogation to the performance of matrimonial duty.

3. Creative Thinkers

Representatives of creative activity: actors, singers, conductors, artists and dancers have their own problems: their whole passion and creative enthusiasm go to make their way out in public. At the same time, since it is very important for a creative person to recognize the audience, they are very dependent on this and are experiencing ups and downs deeply and with all the passion of the artistic soul, especially the failure. Thus, their way of life practically excludes presence of the order and regularity. As a result, uncertainty and frustration are transferred to bed. Disorder of life, casual relationship, irregular sexual life, dependence on creative success do not improve sexual life of creative thinkers either.

4. Hard Workers

The working class have their own troubles in bed. Indeed, they are not inclined to reflection – that is, the worker, as a rule, does not have doubts – whether he will make it or not. But, on the other hand, heavy physical labor, frequent lifting of weights, a desire to relieve fatigue, drowning sorrows in drink do not help to perform a sexual marathon. If, in addition, a person does a harmful work related to regular contact with chemical components, sexual activity from him is unlikely to be expected.

5. Athletes

It would seem that athletes certainly cannot have problems in bed. Nevertheless, their whole work is closely related to good physical shape. Regular training, sometimes twiced per day, strict regime, irregular fees, constant fixation on athletic achievements and places on the pedestal, competitions, and often injuries do not contribute to either regular sexual life or a calm marriage. At such an insane pace of life, there is not much time to find a constant partner. But the irregularity of sexual life, casual relationships are integral parts of impotency. Injuries and long rehabilitation periods do not guarantee that the athlete with the Apollo figure is also the champion in bed either.

What Will Save Men from Impotency?

The sad list of professions at risk published by British scientists does not give an answer to the question “how to make things better?” First of all, sexologists consider it necessary to remind you of the importance of regular check-ups and tests. For office workers, it is important to often stick out of the chair and do exercises even in the office aisles. This will improve blood circulation in pelvic organs. This way, blood will not stagnate in prostatic gland. Find the opportunity to relieve stress by running after work in the gym. Persuade the boss to purchase a punching bag in the office and beat it regularly – so you’ll transfer all your negative emotions on it. Regular workouts will help keep muscles toned, give your muscles joy and activate testosterone production. Do not forget about healthy nutrition – greens, lots of low-fat protein, a minimum of carbohydrates after dinner will not put you to sleep at the most inopportune moment.

Moreover, work of the most important male sexual organs directly depends on the functioning of circulatory system. Accordingly, smoking does not contribute to improving potency, but will aggravate the state by stagnating blood in pelvic organs, it is not surprising that after 40 years of age men often develop prostate adenoma. Important point: the regularity of sexual life stimulates regular production of sexual hormones. That is, the less often you have sex, the less often you will do it. Therefore, whenever possible, an intimate life should be regular. It is clear that there is no love in love, but at least try not to keep abstinence too long.