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Our Story of Success

The story of our brand started many years ago – in 2013. At that point, on the Internet, there were hundreds of websites distributing medications at cheap prices. But, when we had a closer look at our potential competitors, we saw that they were very similar to each other – the same products, prices, shipping terms, and business practices. Customers had not so many options to choose from. Besides, most existing services offered low-quality products and set bloated prices, not to mention the level of their service. Hence, we decided to provide users with a better solution and to create a platform, which would be absolutely different.

Most importantly, our online pharmacy was developed with our customers’ interests in mind. All the aspects of our work – our catalog, customer support services, delivery terms, and, certainly, pricing policy – are oriented towards our buyers’ needs, demands, and tastes.

The secret of our success is simple enough – we make every effort to offer the best products, the lowest prices, and the most comfortable service. And it works. As of today, we have already managed to win the trust and loyalty of hundreds of thousands of users, and our client base keeps on growing day by day.

In sum, why should you buy medications from My Canadian Pharmacy?

  • A full selection of products for health and beauty.
  • The unparalleled quality.
  • The cheapest prices – up to 90% cheaper than offline.
  • Everyday discounts for all clients.
  • Special terms for big orders.
  • Swift shipping to all the corners of the world.
  • Free courier services for orders and more.

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