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Does your local store offer fair and accessible prices? If no, we have a perfect solution for you – switch to a Canadian pharmacy. As you have probably heard, drug prices in this country are several times lower than in the USA, especially when it comes down to tablets like Viagra or Cialis generic, due to the wise and consistent policy of the local government.

Certainly, you will not have to make trips to the neighboring country in order to take advantage of that. Turn to My Canadian Pharmacy, and we will provide you with access to premium-quality medications, which are as safe and effective as those sold in the USA, at cheap Canadian prices. There is no need to overpay, when you can buy all the remedies needed for you and your family at much more attractive prices without any extra risks.

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How Can You Save Money On Drugs At Our Pharmacy?

First of all, one should highlight that keeping prices to the lowest possible minimum is one of our key priorities. We realize that millions of patients all around the world cannot afford medications prescribed, due to unbearably high prices. Consequently, we make every effort to help our clients to overcome that problem.

If you take a quick look at our catalog, you will see that our prices are significantly lower than those at local drugstores in our town or city. In some cases, the difference can exceed 50%. What is the reason? First, since we operate on the Internet, we can save on numerous expenditure items related to maintenance of a network of offline satellites. Secondly, we have been working on this market for decades, and, as a result, we have already developed close partnerships with numerous leading pharma companies. And we are able to receive the most advantageous offers for our buyers from those manufacturers. Certainly, when choosing producers, we pay attention to the quality of medicines in the first place, we will never put the health of our clients at risk in order to get an extra discount.

Also, our customers get access to a wide selection of daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal discounts, which helps to reduce drug expenses even more. Besides, as our customer, you can take advantage of our loyalty program. If you become our steady buyer, you will get access to extra discounts and exclusive offers.

One more saving tip worth mentioning as a separate point – switch to generics. If there is a generic version (Ivermectin) of the drug prescribed, there is no sense to overpay for the brand-name product (Stromectol). Generics contain the same active substances and provide the same health effects and benefits, but cost several times less. And our users have an opportunity to choose from hundreds of generic products from top global companies.

Why Drug Prices at Canadian Pharmacies Are So Cheaper than in the USA?

When a customer from the USA comes to Immune pharmaceuticals website for the first time, our prices may seem to be suspiciously low to him. Indeed, the difference in drug prices between Canada and the USA is shocking: in Canada, the same products can cost up to 90% less.

In fact, the explanation is quite simple – in Canada, drug prices are monitored and regulated by the government, i.e. a manufacturer cannot set a price that is higher than those of identical products in other countries with similar economic conditions. As a result, at local pharmacies, prices are absolutely reasonable and affordable.

On the other hand, in the USA, pharma companies can establish any prices they consider to be appropriate and raise them as frequently and as high as it is needed for their business interests. Consequently, prices at local drugstores are the highest in the world.

A significant part of Americans cannot bear such immense expenses and prefer to do healthcare shopping abroad, in most cases, in Canada, since, in this country, drug prices are several times lower, while the quality of medications on offer is ultimate. No doubt, turning to My Canadian Pharmacy is a perfect variant for those, who want to take advantage of the price difference mentioned.