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You have come to My Canadian Pharmacy, the greatest directory of drugs, as well as cosmetics and vitamins to support your health, vitality, and good looks. Online shopping is now an integral part of the lives of most people, and we believe medication should be no different than any other product you can purchase online.

We huge list of pharmaceutical services. In addition to the hundreds of products on sale, we also take it upon ourselves to fill out prescriptions, consult customers on their choices of medication, provide top-notch quality control, and generally create a comfortable and secure shopping experience.

Consequently, we take our values seriously. This includes:

  • Providing outstanding and respectful service to our customers;
  • Keeping customers informed and aware of their options;
  • Offering medication at a fair price with money-saving potential;
  • Checking the quality of our products and scanning for flaws;
  • Creating a comfortable and secure shopping environment;
  • Encouraging long-term partnerships with our clients.

Feel free to explore the website. If you need help with any aspect of your shopping, you can call, write, or message us. We are always ready to help, as we understand how confusing and daunting the process of selecting the right medication can be. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Favorites

Generic Viagra as of $0.36

The most iconic representative of the class of erectile medications that assist in retrieving the lost capacity to achieve erection of penetrative hardness and durability.

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Ivermectin as of $1.50

A drug initially used to treat parasital infections, Ivermectin has proven to have anti-viral properties that makes it applicable in Covid prevention and therapy.

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Viagra Professional as of $1.15

The gelatin capsule form of this sildenafil pill used in erectile dysfunction men allows achieving meaningful improvement in erectile quality 45 minutes after intake.

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Generic Levitra as of $0.99

Vardenafil-based medication for treating erectile dysfunction characterized by elevated efficacy in men worth diabetes; features an added benefit of prolonging sexual act in PE.

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Generic Cialis as of $1.07

The longest-acting in line of erection agents used for oral therapy in men with compromised ability to achieve penile hardness.

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Cialis Black as of $5.00

Used in patients with severely compromised erectile function for improved response, Cialis Black lasts for up to 48 hours, bringing back reliable erectile hardness.

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How Can We Help You Save Money On Drugs?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that maintaining low prices is one of our company’s main priorities. We understand that many patients from around the world are still unable to buy prescription drugs due to their high price tags. Therefore, we strive to help all our customers resolve this issue.

A quick glance at our catalogue will confirm that our prices are significantly reduced compared to those found at local pharmacies in your city. In some cases, the price difference can even reach up to 50%. What are the possible reasons for this? Firstly, since we only operate online, it helps us to save a significant amount of money in terms of expenses related to offline store maintenance. Additionally, as we have been in the market for a long time, we have managed to establish strong partnership ties with various major pharmaceutical companies. This allows us to get the best deals for our customers from these manufacturers. Of course, when it comes to choosing producers, we always prioritize the quality of the drugs and would never risk the health of our customers for a few extra discounts.

Moreover, our customers can benefit from a variety of weekly, daily, monthly, and seasonal deals, offering significant savings on medications and beyond. Furthermore, being our client also entitles you to our loyalty program. Once you become a regular customer, you can enjoy additional discounts and special offers.

Lastly, another tip worth remembering is to switch to generics whenever possible. If the medication prescribed has a generic version, there is no need to pay more just because of the brand name. Generics contain the same active ingredients and have the same effect on health, but at a much lower cost. At our store, customers also have access to many generic medications developed by the best global producers.

Why Do Canadian Pharmacies Offer Prices that Are So Much Lower Than in the USA?

A survey conducted at the University of Chicago showed that 40% of Americans refuse treatment, while 44% of US citizens cannot afford treatment and therefore do not see a doctor, even if they are sick or injured. High drug prices keeps Americans from getting the treatment they need.

When it comes to the US, pharmaceutical companies are allowed to set any prices they deem suitable and can then increase those prices whenever they want, based on their business needs. Consequently, prices in drugstores across the US are among the highest in the world.

A large sector of American citizens are unable to afford such exorbitant expenses and decide to purchase healthcare products abroad, for example in Canada. Employing our services is the best choice for everyone looking to take advantage of this price difference. We are a reputable and trustworthy online pharmacy offering certified quality products, as well as both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. However, there are certain requirements for the drugs that can be purchased under the Canadian Prescription Drug Import Program.

Those who are concerned about their privacy can remain calm, as neither the delivery company nor the courier have information about the contents of the package. You will receive your medications as soon as possible, so that you can start treatment right away.

Quality Assessment Ensuring Safety and Efficacy

Generic drugs are equivalent to brand-name drugs that have either expired or never been patented in the first place. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredient as the original drug, and are equal in terms of quality, efficacy, and safety. This is confirmed by data from medical practice, registration documents, and bioequivalence studies. Generics are also growing in importance globally, as they offer high quality and, given their price, are a convenient and affordable alternative to brand-name drugs.

The quality of the active substance is confirmed by a wide range of laboratory tests using the most sensitive, reliable, and validated analytical methods and instruments. In some cases, generic drugs may even be of higher quality than originator drugs due to improvements in drug synthesis and drug quality assessment. According to the legislation of European and American countries, a high-quality generic should have pharmaceutical, biological, and therapeutic equivalence.

All drugs presented on My Canadian Pharmacy have undergone preliminary checks and tests. Customers can be sure of the quality of the drug when purchasing generics on this site. If any adverse reactions occur after using the medication, please contact the hotline at (646) 440 9310 and/or your healthcare provider.

Why is My Canadian Pharmacy an Innovative Platform?

A survey conducted at the University of Chicago revealed that 40% of Americans refuse treatment, while 44% are unable to afford it. The costly nature of drugs is preventing people from getting the medical attention they need. To address this issue, the federal government has taken numerous steps to make it easier to obtain quality prescription drugs.

My Canadian Pharmacy is one such platform where you can purchase both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to purchase drugs under the Canadian Prescription Drug Import Program. Those who are concerned about their privacy can be assured that neither the delivery company nor the courier has access to the contents of the package.