Shipping Options You Can Choose From

  1. Regular Airmail (not available now) ― $10.00-$12.95. It is the cheapest available variant. But, if you choose it, you will receive your order in about 21 days (the maximum term). Airmail shipping method has been temporarily disabled due to critical disruptions caused by the pandemic.
  2. Trackable delivery ― $25.00-$30.00. It is more expensive, but, for this price, you will receive your order in no more than 14 days. Besides, it will be delivered by a courier, so, you will get an opportunity to choose and adjust the time and place of receipt.

Note! Courier services may be unavailable in your country. For precise information, turn to our support service.

Useful advice: if the sum of your order is $300 and more, we will provide you with delivery services for free. Do not miss such a great bonus!

Attention! As of now, due to the pandemic, regular airmail is not available. Our company apologies for all the inconveniences associated with that and provides a discount coupon on our express shipping services as a bonus.

Order Processing Timing

  • Our team will do everything in their power to process and pack your order request within 24 hours after you make payment.
  • When your order is packed and sent out, you will receive an email with a tracking code.
  • The processing procedure may take more time if there are any mistakes or omissions in the checkout form. In such a case we will have to contact you for clarifications.
  • Also, if you order a prescription medication, we will ask you to send us a prescription from your doctor. And our specialist will need some time to review the document.

Discrepancies and Damages

  • Please, be sure to check all the products after receiving.
  • If you see that some item is missing, misplaced, or damaged, feel free to turn to us for compensation.
  • Never send any items back or take any other steps without receiving instructions from our customer support specialist.
  • Be ready to send us a photo or a video of a product damaged, if required.

Package Loss

My Canadian Pharmacy provides all customers with free shipping insurance. So, if your order is lost, due to misperformance of a postal service or any other factors, you will receive compensation or we will reship it.

Delivery Delays

There is a wide range of reasons for delays:

  • technical problems;
  • mistakes in the shipping address;
  • days-off and public holidays;
  • customs procedures.

To find out the location of your package, use the tracking code provided or turn to our online support service for help.

Order Cancellation

If it turns out that you do not need the products bought anymore, you can cancel the order until it is sent out ― within about 24 hours after payment is made. So, in such cases, do not doubt and contact us as quickly as possible.


Unfortunately, we cannot return your order after it is sent out. The only exception ― quality problems.

Packaging Issues

  • All orders from our service arrive in ordinary envelopes without labels.
  • Also, to protect your privacy, we do not specify any information about the contents on the envelope.


  1. Which shipping method to choose?

If you have at least 21 days in reserve, you can safely opt for Regular Airmail. But, if you need the medicines ordered urgently, it is better to choose Trackable Delivery. It will arrive in 14 days as a maximum.

  1. Can I order your goods to the USA?

Yes, sure.

  1. What is the minimum order?

We do not have any limitations. But keep in mind that the more you buy, the more you save.

  1. What is the maximum order?

You can buy as many goods as you need. But, if your order is too big, we will divide it into several packages. Also, if you live in the USA, you can order a 90-day supply of medicines at a time only.

  1. How do I know that my order is sent out?

We will inform you about that via email.

  1. Can I return some items if I do not like them?

You can return the products only if they are of poor quality or damaged.

  1. I cannot track my order. What should I do?

Please, get in touch with our support team right away. If it turns out that your package is lost, we will send it once more or will pay you compensation.

  1. I placed my order more than 21 days ago. But I didn’t receive it yet. For how long should I wait?

Please, note that shipping terms may differ a bit for distant countries or rural areas. Also, there is a risk that your package is delayed at a postal office or customs. We cannot control or influence that. To clarify the situation, please, turn to our online support service.