The high cost of medicines and healthcare in general is nothing new. The situation is the same other fields of medicine in the U.S.: our colleagues who work in dentistry, obstetrics and orthopedics share our concern for availability of treatments. Many professionals in healthcare have to work out plans for their patients without the financial support from the government. As years go by, very few things are done to provide better healthcare for people with average and minimal income.

Your savings options – our mission

My Canadian Pharmacy was inspired by the economical stores of the internet that offer the possibility to save money when ordering products online. Such stores economize on warehouses and offices, they have established logistics chains and can therefore quote prices that are considerably lower than in physical shops.

Why men’s health products? Sexual health is something that is considered secondary by healthcare authorities. The prices charged by large pharmaceutical companies for sexual health pills are impossible to afford for rank patients, and sadly, wellbeing of a couple becomes a luxury item. We do not agree with the statement that healthy sex life should be a prerogative of the well-to-do, and so we operate in the niche of andrologic treatments.

With our pharmacy, the price for a pack of Viagra is as low as $16.59 – compare it to $641 you will pay for an analogous package in physical drugstores. Other examples include Finasteride pills at $4.50 on our website versus upwards of $77 in brick-and-mortart pharmacies, Atorvastatin retailing at $13.50 and priced $340 almost everywhere else.

Why low prices?

Finding men’s health medicines at an affordable price is no longer a challenge at our day and age. With such well-known pharmaceutical companies from India as Ranbaxy, Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Centurion Labs, Dadha Pharma, Sunrise, Alkem, RSM Pharma, Dharam Distributors and others, there is a broad choice of suppliers. Thanks to the well-established relationships with manufacturers of high-quality generic medicines, we are able to offer our customers great products at affordable prices.

Products we sell are only one part of our success; the second part is our team of dedicated pharmacists whose excellent services make our pharmacy so popular in Canada and beyond. Discreet and valuable consultations, precision in customer help and genuine care for patients’ results are the key factors that single us out as a retailer of medications.

More opportunities to save

To be more specific, this is where we apply our efforts:

  • We guarantee delivery: you will receive your order, even if we have to re-ship it because of the global pandemic situation;
  • We invest heavily into protection of users: our SSL-encryption leaves no chances for malefactors of the web;
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality: your order will be shipped in an unmarked package, and the billing notice will not reflect the nature of your purchase;
  • We offer international shipping that includes the U.S. and countries of Europe;
  • We offer convenient delivery methods and loyalty bonuses

We offer free shipping for orders above $300.