International pharmacies are helpful in finding, ordering and purchasing necessary medicines at a bargain prices that cannot be obtained in your country. Online ordering in international pharmacies aims at expanding the range and improving the quality of the pharmaceutical sector. You can make an order from any corner of the world and have the needed medications delivered right to your location. The order should be placed on the website, which can be done around the clock. When placing an online order, you do not need to post your personal data or bank details. By making an order on the website, you save time both yours and a pharmacist’s.

Purchase of Meds Has Never Been That Easy

After registration, a customer’s order is transferred for processing. All orders are formed at warehouses and collected by qualified pharmacists. Only employees of the pharmacy have access to personal information. The cost of the order placed on the website is preliminary. The pharmacy operator will contact a customer by phone to confirm the order, clarify its composition, final cost, and availability. Orders are received by operators immediately after their placement on the website.


The contact phone number of the pharmacy is also indicated in the email message about the acceptance of the order for processing. Employees of international online pharmacies make sure to control the authenticity of incoming goods that are to comply with the terms of implementation, storage conditions and transportation of medicines. Pickup is possible only after confirmation of the order by an operator who will contact you immediately after placement of the order.

Please, note that if there are prescription drugs in the order, a customer must provide a pharmacist with a scanned copy of the doctor’s prescription with recommendations and a seal. For legal entities, payment of the order is made by bank transfer (all necessary documents are issued, including invoices).

Many websites act as an ordering platform and analytical resource. The order placed on the website is processed with respect for the confidentiality of the personal data of a customer. Price lists of all pharmacies are updated daily. Information about the availability of drugs in pharmacies and prices is updated several times a day in accordance with data from pharmacies. There is a guarantee that at the time of ordering the product will be in stock in the quantity you need and at the price stated on the website.

We recommend you to check the order composition thoroughly. There is a fixed term of claims acceptance in different pharmacies, so please make sure to apply to the pharmacy with your issue as soon as possible.

Order of Drugs and Medical Goods

Ordering meds online should not be complicated.

1) In order not to be mistaken in the ordering process, you must know exactly what medicines you need, namely:

  • its generic name;
  • drug form (tablets, capsules, jellies, syrup in vials, injection solution in ampoules/vials, etc.);
  • the dosage prescribed by the attending physician (in milligrams/grams, milliliters, international units, etc.).
  • make sure to consult a specialist before ordering any medicines at online international pharmacies.

2) To make a purchase via website, you should first create and place an online order:

  • Search for the goods you need by using a search engine which is always in the header of the website. To search for drugs, you can also use the alphabetical catalog of goods.
  • Drugs search at international online pharmacies is user-friendly. When searching, a customer will see the results in just a few clicks. It gives the opportunity to compare the pharmacy range and the prices of products before making a choice in favor of any pharmacy.
  • In the search results, find the desired product and add it to the basket. Enter the required number of packages and click on the ‘add to basket’ button. There you can change the number of packages of the selected item. It also reflects the value of the current order. Search and add the following product to the cart. Wherever you are on the website, the basket is always available via the link in the upper right corner of any page.
  • After your order is fully formed, press on the checkout button on a checkout page. Wait for a consultant’s call. Information on your order, order number and phone number of the pharmacy will be sent to you by email.

3) The buyer is provided with payment documents (sales receipt), copies of certificates and licenses of the pharmaceutical institution (upon request when placing the order).

Why order online?

Cases when medicine prescribed by a doctor is absent in pharmacies are quite frequent. For replacement, you can pick up a generic. The embedded search program knows more than 20,000 replacement drugs, and will try to pick a copy automatically if the requested drug is not available. To make it more reassuring, mentions that doctors often use generic name in prescription, and should inform the patient about generic availability of the active substance, leaving it up to the customer to choose the drug manufacturer.

The choice of drugs in international pharmacies today is very wide. And buying them, we advise you to remember that the most expensive medicine is not necessarily the most effective, and on the contrary – the cheapest is not the worst. Your drug costs can make up a large part of your budget. It is possible to save money by using an identical substitution. Financial gain can be very significant, and without harm to health.

Drugs contain well-studied chemical or biological substances that have medicinal effects, and received their names – international non-proprietary names. Many of these substances are used under different trade names. The active or active substance is that unique chemical or biological substance that has a pharmacological (therapeutic) effect on organism. There can be several active substances in the composition of a single drug, and in this case – it is a combined drug.

The international non-proprietary name is the name of active substance in the drug. This name is given when registering the active substance and it tells a medical professional almost everything you need to know about the drug. The name of the active substance does not reflect its formula.

The trade name is the name under which the drug is sold on the drug market – in pharmacies. It is a trademark of the manufacturer and is protected by patent law. The company has the exclusive right to manufacture a drug with a specific trade name, and no other pharmaceutical company has the right to use it without paying. Any drug has its own name, by which we know it and which we call, asking for medicine at the pharmacy. A doctor usually tells us about it. However, you must understand that the trade name does not reflect pharmacological properties of a drug.

Brands (original drugs)

The company that first established that substance can be used as a medicine receives for a certain period (usually 5-7 years) exclusive right to release a drug, where new substance is used as the active agent (it obtains a patent for its invention). Such medicine among doctors and pharmacists is called original drug (brand). Original drugs are the most well known on the market, since they appeared first (who does not know such brands as Aspirin or Viagra?).

Generics (generic drugs)

After the expiration of patent protection, other pharmaceutical companies have the right to produce their drugs, where the active principle is the same substance. Such drugs will have the status of generics. Generics are drugs reproduced from the original. These are drugs with an expired patent copy protection. By their nature, generic drugs are the same medicine, produced under different trade names. Original drugs and generics contain the same active ingredient. A generic is not a fake (illegal fake) if it is officially registered as a drug. At the same time, the cost of the officially registered, authorized for sale “genuine generic” can be an order of magnitude (10 times) lower than the cost of the brand.

If you want to get more information about brand name and generic drugs, visit the following resources:

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  • Generic vs Brand drugs:

So, nowadays international online pharmacies resort to the inclusion of different generics in their assortment. In case, you decided to buy from online pharmacies, do not forget to check its license and availability of physical address.

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