Each time of the year is characterized for a pharmacy by an increased demand for certain groups of goods. When working with customers, it takes into account, among other things, what events are taking place in their lives. Indeed, the sales level of certain groups of goods in a pharmacy directly depends on the current season. So, the highest point of demand for anti-cold, antipyretic or antiviral drugs is from November to December, and antifungal drugs or drugs for various types of poisoning are most actively bought up in summer. To get the most out of seasonal illness, you should prepare in advance for assortment adjustments, promotion development and taking advantage of marketing tools the pharmacies are going to apply.

The Basic Rules of Seasonal Calculation

Assortment correction

The range of products for the treatment of chronic diseases gets expanded, including the ones treating gastrointestinal tract, joints, respiratory organs, etc. A pharmacy takes into account every day the increasing deficit of sunlight, which in many people causes depression, loss of strength. Correction of the assortment is carried out taking into account the growing incidence of childhood incidence in autumn.

The following groups of goods are presented in sufficient quantities in online pharmacies:

  • vitamins and vitamin complexes
  • remedies for cold symptoms
  • immunomodulators
  • supplements for improving vision and memory (for students)
  • orthopedic products for posture correction
  • orthopedic insoles
  • NSAIDs
  • sedatives, antidepressants
  • drugs for the treatment of various chronic diseases

Spring Offers

For spring, pharmacies enlarge stocks with products struggling against hypo- and vitamin deficiency, a general weakening of the body, a decrease in immunity, a surge in allergic and exacerbation of chronic diseases, including the gastrointestinal tract. This season also accounts for the peak in sales of slimming products and anti-cellulite medications: women prepare in advance for the summer. May is the beginning of summer work.

What Groups of Pharmacy Products are Most Relevant in Spring Season?

These are vitamin and mineral complexes for adults and children, balms and elixirs, teas, juices, anti-allergic drugs, drugs used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, weight loss products and anti-cellulite drugs, active cosmetics, etc.

There is a huge assortment of vitamin complexes that are suitable for all groups of buyers: for babies, schoolchildren and teenagers, students, working people and people of retirement age, providing them with sufficient inventory. Criteria for choosing spring vitamins are composition, application, age, manufacturer, price. The success of seasonal vitamin calculations lies in a narrow assortment that is extremely precisely targeted to the target group.

What Pharmacy Products Are Useful for Traveling?

  • Vitamin complexes for children;
  • Vitamin complexes for the whole family;
  • Vitamin complexes for elderly people;
  • Vitamin complexes for students and high school students;
  • Dietary supplements for energetic people.

Given the already increased demand for vitamins in spring, pharmacies resort to offering special prices. A possible advertising motto is: ‘Spring vitamin complexes at a favorable price’. They issue colorful booklets with a set of useful tips and recommendations from pharmaceutical and medical specialists on when and how to take certain vitamins correctly. In the booklet, your pharmacy, first of all, will tell you about vitamin complexes that are new and, of course, give an overview of the assortment. Pharmacies organize consultations by a pharmacist and a specialist doctor in the field of prevention and treatment of hypo- and vitamin deficiency in the trading floor of a pharmacy.

Summer Promos

June is the beginning of the period of vacations. For applicants and students, the summer season is also the passing of exams. What can a pharmacy offer its customers in such a long-awaited summer? Pharmacies welcome their visitors with a comprehensive layout of the most popular goods from various assortment categories made on the basis of a specialized summer targeted first-aid kit in the form of a turnkey solution.

What pharmacy products are useful when traveling?

  • Painkillers, antipyretic drugs, cough medications, for sore throats;
  • Thermometer;
  • Drugs for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Remedies for motion sickness in transport, when changing climate and changing time zones;
  • Dressings, plasters, sanitary and hygiene items;
  • Remedies for burns, injuries, sunstroke, wound healing, hemostatic, antiseptics;
  • Sunscreen, insect bites;
  • Antiallergic and cardiac drugs;
  • Spray from a runny nose, ear, eye drops.

These products are placed on a separate pop-up window highlighting them.

Promotions and Discounts in Pharmacies

Seasonal OffersAutumn and spring are great seasons to make use of seasonal promotions at online pharmacies. If you introduce a permanent or temporary promotion for the distribution of customer cards, there will be much more regular customers.

Special offers gained popularity 20 years ago and managed to gain a leading position in the formation of demand in stores and pharmacies. Seasonal discounts in pharmacies are an opportunity to increase sales of specific products. For a consumer, this is an excellent opportunity to save money when buying pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment.

Holding seasonal discounts in a pharmacy is aimed at increasing sales. Most online pharmacies offer to buy products at a special price in order to create an image, advertising a specific product. The most popular options are “2 for the price of 1”, “3 for the price of 2”, “with a gift” and other promotions that provide the buyer with tangible benefits. There are also duration promotions for example, all of September discounts on certain goods, or – in October from 14 to 17 hours a discount on all goods, etc. Informing customers about promotions is not only in the form of various posters, but also personally – communication between a pharmacist and a client increases sales of promotional products by almost 30%.

Seasonal promotional programs are held for the purpose of:

  • increasing sales of a particular product or product line;
  • advertising of a new product;
  • attracting customers and creating a customer base of regular customers;
  • selling expensive or unpopular drugs.

Pharmacy discount is beneficial for both parties – a seller and a buyer. The benefits of discounting by online pharmacies are attracting new customers. In particular, young services that have just begun their journey of creating a rating on the network use this marketing ploy. With the help of seasonal bonuses advertise products, large pharmacies increase the manufacturer’s rating.

The discount in the pharmacy allows pharmacies to conduct an advertising campaign for the drug – the manufacturer is interested in the information content of the population and offers a particularly low cost to the pharmacy. Pharmacy promotions are a good offer for a buyer. With their help, you can save up to 50% of the cost of the goods.

Stock Planning

Discount programs are of different types:

  • make a purchase of a certain product and get the second one as a gift or for half the price;
  • register on the website and take part in the service accumulation program;
  • upon purchase of two positions the third pharmacological product as a gift.

When creating promotions in online pharmacies have certain goals. The service determines why it needs a special offer, which products are advertised. The action scenario is developed individually by each service.

When examining a package of discounts, particular factors are taken into account:

  • Drawing up a list of proposals taking into account priority. For example, the action is created on products for travelers – funds for tanning, insect bites, anti-allergic drugs.
  • Determination of a leading position – the acquisition of a specific product allows you to buy other products at individual cost.
  • Demand for products depending on the season – in summer, the demand for protective cream increases, in winter, anti-cold medicines are popular.
  • Cost – a special price allows you to sell expensive products.

Who Can Take Advantage of Promotions and Discounts?

Individual discount is open to most consumers. All customers who are aware of the promotion are entitled to take advantage of the special offer. You can find out about bonus programs and special discounts of online pharmacies in the stationary branches of the network, on the official websites of the company, from newsletters, social networks.

Buyer Benefits

The use of seasonal promos by buyers provides:

  • The opportunity to buy pharmaceutical products, hygiene products, cosmetics at a bargain price.
  • Application for online service at a convenient time for the client.
  • Saving time when searching for a particular drug at a better price, especially an expensive drug.
  • Acquisition of seasonal high-quality drugs at an adequate cost.

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